Born on 30 January 1956 in Châtellerault - France.
Workshop : 8, Allée du Parc 71200 - Le Creusot - France -

First of all, figurative, Aldéhy is an advocate of light that winks at Philippe de Champaigne.

Subjectsare numerous and eclectic but this obvious diversity is complementary. The drawing
is well built and detailed. We discover an exceptional set of portraits " Cathedrals of Lights
"fourteen moments of a child's day. With particular acuity, the artist captures the fleeting time
of life. With an asserted technique, the artist delivers an artificial lighting,sometimes violent
that stops motions. The intimacy is captured infull intensity, translating an emotion or a smile.
Aldéhy knows how to give value to the expression, by plunging a part of the canvas into a
light/dark contrast.
Master of lights with a bright painting, with delicacy in the tinge, subtle games of reflection,
the artist reveals the illusion in theprospective space.

From his meetings with his favourite patterns, the painter offers us asmany images
distinguished by a seal f a soften realism but through an objective look.

If the enthusiasm does not always appear in the compositions, this isthe first emotion
that succeeds to the long term thought, an interrogation on the subject, that he wants
to restore the truth until lingering to define a graduated tinge of outlines of a well-known
face. An accurate drawing raised with authority, the narrative force. 
With a huge palette
and a rigorous application nothing gets away from the shrewd observation. Most of the
time the artist uses acrylic but sometimes gets oil and pencil...

Strangely, the artist is not locked up in a unique design of expression, to be convinced
you just have to come back to his abstract work in theeighties.
Privileginghis emotions to the fashion effects, Aldéhy is a free man.
Bright painting, tinted with humour and tenderness, rings out restrained sensitiveness

Atypical, with a brilliant technique skill, the work of Aldéhy should attract collectors
attention without delay, 
that could hold the eyes'pleasure and rising value.